24 Hour Call Outs

Detect and neutralise the first signs of a fire at your premises.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all fire safety protocols are in place. However, ensuring you are always compliant with these regulations can be difficult and expensive.

Our engineers are experienced at designing, installing and maintaining economically priced fire safety systems which cover all the bases. A Sense of Security fire safety system will allow you to quickly detect a fire’s location and extinguish it, preventing property damage and personal injury.

Fire Risk Assessment, Design and Installation

Our technicians are trained in British and European standards, including BS 5839-6 and BS 6266. These Codes of Practice describe the correct means of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining fire detection and alarm systems at non-domestic properties. This enables them to conduct fire risk assessments, design and install fully compliant fire safety systems.

Sense of Security engineers are also trained in house and by leading fire safety product manufacturers, like ANSUL, to ensure that they are able to provide the best advice and install each product correctly. They also only work with quality fire safety products sourced from leading brands. We also have project managers on hand to ensure that your project is completed on time and the system is tested after installation to ensure optimal functionality.

Addressable and Non Addressable or Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

We install both non addressable or conventional fire alarm systems as well as addressable fire alarm systems. Non addressable or conventional fire alarm systems, while inexpensive, will not provide the exact location of the fire. Therefore, they are better used at smaller facilities where the source of the fire can be located easily. For larger facilities and those with valuable assets that could be severely damaged by a fire, we usually recommend addressable fire alarm systems. These systems, while more costly, can help you pinpoint the fire immediately before it gets the chance to do any harm.

Fire Detection Sensors

We install intelligent fire and smoke sensors which are able to respond with unparalleled speed to the first signs of a fire. Depending on your fire security needs we can source fire detection sensors with wireless functionality or hypersensitivity to the faintest traces of a fire.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Installing an automated gas suppression system is often the best way to ensure that a fire is dealt with quickly and effectively. There are two main types of gas suppression systems, CO2 or carbon dioxide systems, and clean agent gas systems. We can design and install both and use Argonite, FM200, Ingeren or Novac for our clean agent gas suppression systems.

We will fit everything needed for an effective, durable gas suppression system, including the CO2 or clean agent containers, the release valves, the delivery system and the means of dispersion. We will also source handheld or portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets and install them at strategic locations throughout the property.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

We install only the most robust and durable high spec fire alarm control panels. Our engineers install addressable, non-addressable or conventional and extinguishant fire control panels depending on your property requirements. We will also set up a reliable signalling system, using Redcare or CSL Dualcom to ensure that your local fire brigade is notified in time.

Additional Fire Safety Features

Our team can also install fire safety doors, emergency lighting and fire signage, all of which are required according to mandatory fire safety standards.

Fire Alarm System Repair and Maintenance

Our team can visit your property to carry out your annual fire safety system inspection to ensure that your property is always protected in the case of a fire. If you detect any faults with your system before a service, simply call us. We offer a 24-hour emergency fire alarm repair service throughout London, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Get a Fire Alarm System Cost Estimate

Contact us today on 02039500657, send an email info@senseofsecurity.biz or use our contact form to book a fire safety risk assessment and cost estimation. We work throughout South East England, in London, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Please note that our fire safety risk assessments are chargeable. Contact us for costs.