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Protect your property even when you are elsewhere.

Few properties can afford to go without an intruder alarm. It is the perfect automated security system to use when the premises is unoccupied. Not only does it ensure that your property is protected by relevant parties when the alarm sounds but it also deters crime because criminals are reluctant to target a property when they notice that an intruder alarm has been installed. We install intruder alarms that can help you protect your assets, cut down on your insurance premiums and reduce the need for manned guarding around your property.

Intruder Alarm System Design and Installation

The design of any intruder alarm system is based on the location of the property, when people are expected to enter and exit the premise and the specific layout of the area. Our intruder alarm technicians will conduct a site risk assessment, identifying areas where intruders are likely to enter, and consult with you to learn more about your requirements.

Our team will then design an intruder alarm system which oversees the largest possible coverage area, while still remaining within your budget. We have extensive experience installing intruder alarm systems for large-scale multi-site properties all the way through to domestic homes and work only with leading intruder alarm system manufacturers to source all our intruder alarm technology.

As an SSAIB accredited company, we are required to comply with all BS EN requirements. This means that you can rest assured that our intruder alarms systems are always BS EN 50131-1, BS8243 & PD6662:2017 compliant.

What Intruder Alarm Sensors Can Detect

  • Window and Doors Opening - These detectors are magnetic sensors fitted to doors and windows. When a door or window is opened the alarm is triggered.
  • Movement - Passive infrared sensors detect movement in a room. As these sensors can be overly sensitive, some newer movement sensors are fitted with microwave-detecting technology, reducing the risk of false alarms.
  • Breaking Glass - These sensors listen for the specific audio signal of broken glass and trigger when this sound is registered.
  • Vibration - These sensors monitor the vibration of walls, doors, windows and are configured to trigger on adjustable vibration levels.

Alarm Controls

After setting up sensors in key locations we will ensure that they are integrated with the control panel. We will also set up the alarm activation system, including programming the keypad, remote controls and fobs. Panic buttons, which are also linked to the system, can be set up throughout the facility and we can provide workers with remote panic alarms if required.

Decide What Happens When Your Intruder Alarm is Triggered

  • Siren Only - For properties with lower levels of intruder threat, it is sufficient to install a siren which will sound loudly when the alarm is triggered.
  • Keyholder Signalling - We program the alarm to notify verified keyholders when it is triggered. Some of these keyholders might be owners of the property, key personnel or your security team.
  • Police Signalling - Our technicians can apply for the police to be notified when your alarm has activated and set up signalling to their receiving centres.

Intruder Alarm Repairs and Maintenance

Avoiding false alarms is a high priority, not only because a false trigger can be disruptive, but also because you need to make sure that anyone tasked with checking up on the property after the alarm has sounded, takes the threat seriously. This is why we offer maintenance services and 24-hour engineer call outs to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Find Out How Much It Would Cost To Install an Intruder Alarm System at Our Premises?

Call us on 020339500657, send an email info@senseofsecurity.biz or use our contact form for to arrange a survey of your property. We will do a risk assessment and put together an intruder alarm system design along with a quotation. Our team helps clients throughout South East England in London, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Speak to us to find out how we can help you improve your security when your property is unoccupied.